7 Ways Your Dry Cleaner Can Help Your Family Go Back to School in Style

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What's the best part about going back to school? Is it the challenge of a new year? Is it the prospect of learning all sorts of new and useful facts? No, of course not. It's picking out your first-day outfit.

Here's how Tide can help send your family back to school in style:

1. Outerwear: We dry-clean more than shirts and dresses - denim jackets, leather jackets, even winter coats if you're planning ahead.

2. Bags: Does last year's backpack need a refresh? We're on it.

3. Uniforms: School uniforms can be made of finicky fabrics. We'll take care of them.

4. Alterations: Growth spurt? We can help you let out a hem.

5. Repairs: Recess can be hard on clothes. We can help patch rips and replace cracked buttons.

6. 24/7 Pickup: We're happy to work around your very scary schedule.

7. Wash & Fold: Between school, baseball practice, dance class and whatever else, there's a lot of laundry that has to get done during the school year. We can do that, too.

Yeesh, there's a lot on the calendar all of a sudden. Don't worry, dry cleaning doesn't have to be a chore anymore.

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