Dry Cleaning Do’s & Don’ts

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With over 70 years of experience, Tide is the trusted expert in fabric care. We want your garments to stay newer longer, so we’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts to care for your clothes and in preparation for your next trip to Tide Dry Cleaners.


  • Save the care tags that come with the garments you buy and show them to your Tide Dry Cleaners team. 
  • Dry rain-soaked or damp garments thoroughly in a cool, well ventilated place before hanging in closet.
  • Have garments dry cleaned regularly:
    • Shirts, blouses and evening wear: every 1-2 wears. 
    • Sweaters, skirts, pants, everyday dresses and suits: every 3 wears. 
    • Throw pillows, comforters, duvet covers and bedspreads: every 6 months. 
    • Outdoor jackets and coats: every season. 
    • Curtains: every year.
  • Take stained garments to your dry cleaner immediately. Exposure to air, heat and light sets stains and can make removal impossible.
  • Tell your dry cleaner the source of the stain so that it can be properly treated for successful stain removal. 
  • Brush your clothes regularly and thoroughly. 


  • DO NOT press a garment if it’s stained. The heat of pressing will set the stain and likely make its removal impossible.
  • DO NOT hang knitted garments. Hanging pulls them out of shape and causes a sagging hemline. Knits are best stored in a drawer or folded over a padded hanger.
  • DO NOT use untested home stain removers. They can aggravate the condition, or may create permanent damage like color loss. Take the garment to your dry cleaner for professional stain removal. 
  • DO NOT use nail polish remover to remove nail polish stains. You will probably damage the garment’s dye and it may create a hole in the fabric.
  • DO NOT store garments at home without having them cleaned and mothproofed before storage. Be sure that the storage boxes or cedar chests are kept in a cool dry place.
  • DO NOT use an underarm deodorant without using a shield to protect the garment from the deodorant. Allow the deodorant to dry before putting on the garment.

Visit your local Tide Dry Cleaners for more helpful tips and to have your garments serviced by our trained professionals. Click here to find a Tide Dry Cleaners location near you.