How Tide Cleaners Can Help You Survive the Super Bowl Party

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The Super Bowl is approaching quickly. And for all you football fans out there, you know that first Sunday evening in February is one of the biggest thrills of the year.

Not only is there intense NFL action, a blown-out halftime show and unforgettable commercials, but it's also a huge night for food.

Whether hosting your own party or getting together elsewhere with family and friends, we want you to know that nothing - and we mean nothing - is safe from watch party food and drink stains.

Consider the following possible (and nearly certain) scenarios:

· If you're walking through a crowded party, struggling to squeeze your way into the kitchen, your sweater sleeve will find its way onto someone's plate of greasy buffalo chicken dip.

· Football fans are passionate. And when their team scores a touchdown, don't be surprised if the initial reaction is to jump up and down and cheer excessively. Beer, wine or soda will be in hand, and somehow the whole ordeal will take place directly above a brand new area rug.

· Though they were told to play upstairs, young children will sneak down and smear cheese sauce on the sofa pillows. (But kids also make football parties more fun, so don't call a babysitter.)

· Wing sauce will find the linens - no matter where they're hiding.

But there's no need to feel anxious about the big night. When Monday morning comes and all that's left is a messy disaster, Tide Cleaners, official sponsor of Super Bowl LIV, will be here with open arms, ready to help restore clothes and household items to their bright, shiny selves.

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