It’s Time to Refresh Those Fall Sweaters and Jackets

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Fall weather is here, and that means it's finally time to dig out the sweaters and jackets you've been missing since St. Patrick's Day.

But after hiding away for several months collecting dust and losing the pizzazz they need to properly complete your autumn look, you may want to freshen them up.

Here's how Tide Cleaners can help:

· Dry cleaning: A full season of use means stains - no matter how slight - could be in sight. Get rid of them to keep winter from getting even darker.

· Laundry: Not every piece may need dry cleaned, but we have the equipment to keep your most delicate sweaters looking great.

· Button fixing: Unless you're sitting politely in place all day, jacket buttons have a knack for losing their grip. Give them a way to hold on tight.

· Pocket tears: Your keys, your phone, your wallet and whatever else you carry around when it's cold. Eventually that pocket lining will give out.

Bring your fall treasures to your nearest Tide Cleaners, where we can help prepare you for the season's fashion and forecast. Learn more about Tide Cleaners services here.