Stain Removal Tips for Clothes and Household Items

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Stains, for the most part, are unavoidable. No matter how carefully you add condiments to that ham sandwich or clean up after a play date, your clothes will find a way to collect them, as will your bedding and other household items.

Now, we could tell you about some great homemade solutions and foolproof processes for safely removing unsightly stains. But then again, we probably shouldn't.

Because they don't exist.

Home remedies for stain removal typically do not work and can cause permanent fabric damage.

But not to worry - your Tide Cleaners team members are experts in stain removal. We take numerous factors into consideration, like the type of material and colorfastness, which allows us to gently yet effectively remove imperfections.

For best results, here are a couple of quick tips:

· Take any stained garment to your dry cleaner immediately. Exposure to air, heat and light seals stains and can make removal impossible.

· If you know the source of the stain, communicate it to your dry cleaning professional. Specific treatments vary depending on the cause.

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