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24/7 Drop-off & Pickup

24/7 Drop-off & Pickup

Services Available at Savage Hy-Vee Tide Dry Cleaners

The Tide Dry Cleaners method applies Tide’s 70 years of fabric care experience and includes the convenience of drive-thru concierge services and 24-hour pick-up and drop-off with Tide Dry Cleaners Anytime kiosk and drop-box. Through its partnership with GreenEarth® Cleaning Technology and utilization of Tide® fabric care, Tide Dry Cleaners offers advanced cleaning technology to care for a wide range of garments and textiles.

Suzette and her team operate four Tide Dry Cleaners locations in greater Minneapolis. Since the opening of Apple Valley, they have opened locations inside of the HyVee’s in Lakeville, Eagan, & Savage.