Best Franchise: Tide Dry Cleaners Overview
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  • Financial Requirements $500,000 Liquid Capital
    $1,000,000 Net Worth
  • Experience Previous franchise or operations experience preferred
  • Franchise Fee $20,000 per our Development Incentive Program
  • Investment Range

    $663,500 - $1,576,400 for a Plant Store (the store format that you must use for your first Outlet)*
    $178,500 - $607,950 for a Drop Store (the store format that you may use for your second or subsequent Outlet(s))*
    $8,800 - $86,500 for a Non-Traditional Store (a store format that we may approve you to use)*

    *Lease Model - does not include associated costs for land and building; it does include potential leasehold improvements of $0-$566,000 for a Plant Store, $0-201,500 for a Drop Store, and $0-$4,000 for a Non-Traditional Store.

  • Royalties 6.5% of Net Sales (Net Sales = Gross Sales minus taxes, refunds and discounts)
  • Marketing 4% (2% National Ad Fund; 2% Local)
  • Average Unit Size 2,800 to 3,200 sq. ft.
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